What the hell is going on?

Author: Steve Groom These are unfamiliar times. We’ve been forced into social isolation and suddenly have all this spare time thrust upon us as we forsake going out, sports, and other leisure activities. I sat down last night (admittingly with a long gin and tonic) and started thinking, what will history make of “COVID19” or “corona virus”? How will we look back on this time, long after the immediate effects have been forgotten. Clearly nobody living today will have ever experienced a global pandemic, and it is suitably paraphrased as ‘unprecedented’, but history has already shown that it is unlikely to be one isolated episode. Like Bird Flu and SARs before, unfortunately there will probably be another. I do believe that this has been a wakeup call to governments and their appetite to spend on Public Health, so I feel confident … View Case Study

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Is your Vote Costing the Earth?

The campaign machines are white-hot from churning out the latest pledges, and in one week we’ll know the result of one of the most talked about and significant elections. Conversations, from the workplace to the family dinner table, are likely to have featured some pretty heavy political debate recently, so it’s no surprise that this election has been predicted to see one of the highest turn outs in modern times. When 12th December rolls around, we’ll all take the time to get ourselves to the polling stations to mark our ‘X’ on a piece of paper that will then be transported to a counting centre to be hand-counted by hundreds of volunteers. It’s a bit archaic, isn’t it? Many successive governments have pledged to improve services for citizens, including hinting at digital voting in particular. 1 March 2017 Department for … View Case Study

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The Day the Earth Stood Still

Whether you watched the original 1951 by Paul Harris Boardman or the 2008 remake starring Keanu Reeves, there’s no denying that the alien and his robot bodyguard who descended on planet Earth to wreak havoc with an important message had us watching in awe. The aliens’ robotic sidekick nicknamed “GORT” (Genetically Organized Robotic Technology) was able to wield massive disruption by naturalising all electrical equipment when he opened his visor. Obviously, man had no answer to this and our reliance on all things electrical meant that once activated, the world literally came to a standstill. You might have seen in recent news that Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP) suffered a significant outage, which they explained to the world in a short sentence; “We are investigating an issue with an infrastructure component impacting multiple products. We believe we have identified the cause … View Case Study

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Can AI solve UEFA’s Problems?

For anyone remotely interested in football, we can all agree that last night’s England V Bulgaria game, broadcasted from Sofia saw some disgraceful scenes. This is yet another stain on the health of football, enacted by a minority of fans hell bent on bringing the game into disrepute. It was always going to be a difficult game to manage, historically the Bulgarian fans have ignored the efforts of the #Respect programme to wipe out racism and on this occasion even produced their own “No Respect” shirts on the night. Those chanting and displaying their disgraceful behaviour were all clearly identifiable which leads to the question: where is technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) playing its part in identifying these individuals? Everyday hundreds of thousands of facial characteristics are being recorded, analysed and stored by CCTV systems in order to track known individuals. … View Case Study

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