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AI and Football Collaboration Blog

Can AI solve UEFA’s problems?

For anyone remotely interested in football, we can all agree that last night’s England V Bulgaria game, broadcasted from Sofia saw some disgraceful scenes. This is yet another stain on the health of football, e...

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“The Greta Effect” – is the use of Cloud overheating?

At the recent UN Climate Change conference, Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg took many of the world’s leaders and decision makers to task about their stewardship of the planet. Her comments are backed up by incr...

Blog - IT and Millennials

Can traditional IT spending trends cope in the Millennial age?

As someone who was born in the 50’s, it’s fair to say I’m coming to the end of my IT spend decision making days – the rising stars of today and tomorrow are firmly in the driving seat. As more and more mi...

UK Productivity Growth

The UK Productivity Puzzle – Is Technology The Answer?

The UK’s Productiv-IT-y Puzzle Last month, official government data shows that over the last decade UK productivity growth fell to a level lower than at any time in the 20th century. At a time when techno...

Business Turn Around

The Art of Business Turn Round

The Art of Business Turn Round Many senior managers and C-suite execs will have experienced or viewed from a distance the turmoil of a company that is grappling with the intricacies of successfully turning arou...

Cloud Information

The Splinternet is coming!

Every time we use the internet we are either intentionally or unintentionally submitting ourselves to the harvesting of our metadata and building on discussions around the Splinternet. It tracks and stores huge...

Cloud Service Debate

Public or Private Clouds – The Big Cloud Service Debate

Business Drivers Towards a Cloud Service As the public cloud model continues to mature and become better understood there have been a surge in the number of blogs that provide good evidence as to what the marke...

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The Issue Behind Data Evaporation

The recent issues faced by millions of Myspace customers with the deletion of pictures and music have again highlighted some of the fundamental problems that can be created on both supplier and customer side if...

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BREXIT in your backyard – Is your data Adequate?

Five weeks from now we will be preparing to start the business week (Brexit) having left the European Union or gone into political meltdown (if any more of that was possible). With the “No Deal “scenario still ...

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Success Stories

Vissensa Grow Equinix LD4 Hosting Operations

Vissensa is delighted to announce that they have expanded operations through additional colocation racks with Equinix LD4 from a number of new customer wins based in the data centre. Vissensa has continued to g...