Vissensa’s Solution eXchange (VsX) – SaaS

If it’s a total one stop IT service which provisions and manages the hardware, software and applications that your company needs. We are confident that Vissensa‘s Software as a Service (SaaS) and Vissensa Solution eXchange (VsX) will meet your expectations of the highest levels of availability, flexibility and security.

Vissensa’s SaaS offerings can provision your systems on a range of flexible hardware and software platforms that can be tailored to the exact specification of your IT requirements and incorporate any bespoke applications or software development in the service.

Forget About Looking After IT – We Can Do That For You

Our packaged SaaS products include Business Continuity, Backup, Cloud Storage and Virtual desktops all of which can be incorporated into your existing IT environment helping you to push your business to new heights!

Your Business And It’s Success Is Also Key

Companies have approached us in the past as they look to grow their service into new areas, we have helped them to adjust and overcome IT constraints in terms of SaaS solutions. Vissensa have relieved them from the financial burden surrounding upgrading their IT equipment to fit their ever expanding business.

Education, SME’s to Large Corporates – All Have The Same Goals

Vissensa have worked with many different types of organisations from Tier 1 Banks, FOREX clients, energy, schools, colleges and more. All have the same ambition to improve the way they handle IT services currently – This is where Vissensa steps in and they haven’t looked back.

Software as a Service (VSX)

On Demand – The Best Way Forward
  • Reduce Hardware Costs
  • No Initial Setup Fee’s
  • Scalable Usage – Suited To You
  • Accessible From Any Location
  • Cross Device Compatibility
  • Customisable, Automated and White-labelled If Needed

Software as a Service Features

Dedicated Account Manager

With you every step of the way to understand what you need and how we can help to push your business forward

Support Services Available

We provide a number of support services when you use our Managed IT Services, which means you can get in touch with us if you have any issues.

Uptime All The Time

We offer guaranteed SLA’s on service and with our data centres offering 99.999% service, you can rest assured your business will keep the running the way it should do

Ease of Use

We work with you to ensure your services get up and running as soon as possible, ensuring that everything you need is where it should be.

Adjust To Your Business

We allow our clients to chop and change the services they receive from us, so if you require something else to tally into your SaaS product feel free to speak to us!

Your Name And Reputation Means Alot

We understand that as business grows so does your reputation, which is why we want to ensure your business operates to its full potential.

Still not sure which plan to choose? Get live chat assistance below.