Houston we have a cyber problem!

I’m a big space fan, and in my era man went to the moon on Apollo – but as the film Apollo 13 reveals, only one moon-shot after Buzz and Neil kicked the dirt around 247,000 miles from home Americans were already bored of the coverage. Maybe this is a straw in the wind for […]

Is IT and Education on a collision course?

The education sector is going through some tumultuous changes at the moment from the K12 market to FE and beyond. Schools are becoming academies, colleges are morphing into super colleges and universities are focused on how they can keep hold of the Research and IP that is generated by their students. Add into the mix […]

Digital Road – Jamie Smith Guest Blog

Digital Road – ‘Where we’re going, we don’t need roads……’ ‘Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads’ was perhaps the most famous line from the cult classic movie ‘Back to the Future’, a film now over 30 years old. Spoken by the character Doc Brown this statement has turned out to be more prophetic […]

Let the (cyber security) games begin….

With less than a week to go before the Olympic opening ceremony I thought the quick summation of the cyber security threats I highlighted in my weekly roundup blog needed a little more clarity. As the games get closer I am alarmed by the cyber security warnings that are starting to emerge and also the […]

Is Your Office 365 Data Safe?

Microsoft’s Cloud deployment of Outlook and Office 365 Data, continues to gain ground over the traditional on premise deployments, mainly due to the price and the widening features gap between the cloud and non-cloud versions along with its perceived simplicity to purchase and operate on an Opex model. There is no doubt Office 365 has […]

Data in a Post Brexit world

Well we’ve decided to exit the EU and the train full of unpredictable cargo of political and commercial implications of Brexit has left the station. Inevitably the implications for the tech industry and particularly the cloud is starting to surface as a hotly debated topic. Caroline Donnelly, Datacentre Editor for Computer Weekly News wrote recently […]