Vissensa IT Services Brochures

Vissensa is a leading provider of Managed IT, Cloud and Data Centre Services working with organisations within sectors such as finance, energy, education, technology and more. Vissensa works with its clients to suit their business needs in order to improve efficiency in business operations, help to drive down costs and enable growth.

Vissensa has a wide range of services in the Cloud or Data Centre environments plus has experience in managed on-premise and outsourced clients infrastructure. A list of all of our brochures and services can be found below for you to discover how Vissensa can help to boost your business.

With multiple years of experience behind the wheel offering services such as hosted desktops, colocation for client’s infrastructure, a range of cloud services, as well as disaster recovery solutions to suit business needs.

If you are looking for something not listed on the brochures, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we have capabilities to meet most business projects.

Cloud Services

Private Cloud Services

Vissensa’a Private Cloud makes enterprise computing accessible and affordable for all. By joining our services together we allow our clients to benefit from flexible platforms, that are managed and monitored under strict SLA’s. Vissensa can support on premise, part managed and data centre management providing a converged IT strategy for your business.

Shared Cloud Services

Vissensa’s Shared Cloud platform offers access to genuine multi-platform cloud solution with unparalleled flexibility. Experience the benefits of public cloud without having to pay a premium, being able to call a genuine helpdesk or ask for technical support. Vissensa also provides deployments across Power, AIX and Linux with many clients dramatically reducing cost of their DR or research and development services.

Public Cloud Services

Genuine multi-platform Hybrid Cloud solution, delivering public cloud access from the security within a private network. Vissensa has developed service for some of the most demanding private/public use cases. Security and Converged IT is paramount which is why our public cloud addresses CISO and governance concerns.



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Vissensa Cloud Services

Cloud Services For Every Business Requirement

Cloud To Suit Every Need

Operated Cloud Infrastructure for a number of years!

Total Flexibility

Improve Delivery and Reduce Costs!

Trusted Partnership

Linking Management and Technical to achieve best results!

Guaranteed SLA’s

Guaranteed SLA’s across all our Cloud Services!

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Infrastructure

Vissensa has been managing client infrastructure for many years, overcoming issues such as running their own equipment, lack of experienced people, increasing software complexity, tighter security requirements or even equipment refreshes. Our flexible solutions are built to meet business requirements streamlining business agility!

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

If you’re looking to simply employee communication, save money and protect key information then join the wave of other companies moving to cloud based desktop and storage solutions. Reducing licencing and increasing flexibility and Vissensa can make that change even easier having implemented and managed client desktops for nearly a decade!

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Struggling to support a particular software or application? If so, Vissensa get many requests from Corporates and Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) to run, manage and support these critical assets on our platforms. We back our platforms up with a solid rang of technical support options available for you to use and when you need to!



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Vissensa Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services to suit every need!

Secure Resilient Business Services

We understand change and moving is never going to be easy!

Total Flexibility

Improve Delivery and Reduce Costs!

As A Service Platforms

Hosted Desktop, IaaS, SaaS… – Whatever you need Vissensa can help!

Guaranteed SLA’s

Guaranteed SLA’s across all our Managed IT Outsource Services!

Data Centre Services

Full Rack Colocation Services

Offering the perfect environment in terms of specifications with the highest assurance of space, power and cooling infrastructure available for your IT Infrastructure. Dedicated rack within some of the UK’s most sought after data centres with significant 99.999% uptime, multiple network carriers available – providing you with a great platform to grow and save!

Half Rack Colocation Services

Offering a flexible environment for organisations looking t locate new project requirements or redeploy IT equipment for disaster recovery purposes. Power availability from 2 amps to 8 amps or more, flexible escorted access to the rack, unparalleled network connectivity, significant uptime guarantees. Boost business performance whilst reducing internal running costs!

Dedicated Server Hosting

Vissensa can provide server hosting capabilities in racks based at Equinix London LD4/LD5 and Datum Datacentres in Farnborough. Working with clients to fit their exact CPU, RAM, Disk and other specifications, Vissensa can help to source the exact hardware you need and package in hosting these servers to give you a holistic solution.


To view our Data Centre Services brochure click here.

Vissensa Data Centre Services

Delivering High Quality Colocation at High Quality Data Centres

Leading Data Centre Facilities

Housed in some of the UK’s most sought after locations!

Total Flexibility

Improve Delivery and Reduce Costs!

Trusted Partnership

We trust our data centre partners to delivery uptime and resilience!

Guaranteed SLA’s

Guaranteed SLA’s across all our Data Centre Services!

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